We care most The covenant Jesus made with us



Revival shall begin from the house of God!!

After 2013, each time after partaking the holy communion, when looking the plastic communion cups in my hand, I always recall the Logos from the Bible: “Rule overthe fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground” (Genesis 1:28); “You made them rulers over the works of your hands” (Psalm 8:6); and “You gave them authority over all things” (Hebrews 2:7). I then ponder though we have already received the blessings from God, do we fulfill the responsibility that God entrusts us? Unfortunately, the answer appears to be no. We have searched most communion cups and came to an conclusion that by 2015 the majority of disposable plastic communion cups are made of Polystyrene(PS) plastics which is considered toxic component with its styrene monomer. And the styrene monomer (from which polystyrene is made) is a cancer suspect agent. We begun to think why shall we tolerate to use an harmful products in holy communion. Even thought it is only “little”

habrit communion cups are made of polypropylene (PP), one of the safest plastic polymers so far in the chemical industry. The repeating unit of polypropylene is composed of 3 consecutive carbon atoms; as 3 is the most stable number for chemical compounds. 3 also stands a significant meanings to Christian. PP scarcely reacts with any other chemicals. PP is also acid-resistant, so our Communion cups will have no problem holding grape juice or wine. For the exact same reasons, the vast majority of microwavable plastic receptacles are composed of PP plastic. PP is also liable to chain degradation from exposure to heat or UV radiation, and has a high recyclability. Moreover, habrit sources the high grade of PP and manufactures its Communion cups in cleanrooms in Taiwan, exceeding SGS regulations by having no plasticizer residue in its products. Thus, we believe our Communion cups are the safe, health and environmentally friendly vessels for those who seek to honor the Communion of Christ.

From this communion cup, we try to provide healthy, safe communion related products in compliance with SGS and Taiwan food regulations for Lord’s children as we eat and drink in memory of our Lord Jesus Christ to remember the covenant he made with us. In hopes that God will grant us guidance and wisdom as He did to Bizalel (Exodus 31), we offer our products in the humble spirit under which all God's holy vessels are made. Please be assured of their quality, and know that we welcome any feedback from you.

Our Vision

1 To present the purest elements before God's Temple, and to come before God with a consecrated heart.
2 To honor the new Covenant between God and his followers.
3 To be God's righteous servants on Earth, and to worship Him alone with a loyal heart. Be faithful which is least.

Origin of the brand

The Hebrew letter ה , pronounced“ha”, means “the”, whereas the Hebrewהברית, pronounced “brit” means “covenant”. Our brandhabritis therefore derived from the Hebrew words הברית, the convenant. It is believed at that time when Jesus encouraged His apostles, He might have said and pronounced the very word. It is our hope that, when we eat the bread and drink this cup of Lord ,habrithelps remember the covenant Jesus made with us. The Chinese characters 約記 mean remember the covenant. Marvelously, the four Hebrew letters הברית are actually the components of the two Chinese characters 約記, which we used as our Chinese brand name.

Depicts the throne of Jesus and His promise with stamp with us
Knee down and pray
Before His throne
Worship with hands
Jesusbloodon me
Cross is the answer