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Prefilled communion cup with wafer(100pcs)

●On the bottom printed different verses and expired date
●Cross mark on the wafer
●Octagon cup shape design, easier to hold tightly.
●Multiple leak proof design.

Price: 27.00 USD

Package Size: 10x15x20cm   Weight: 670 g



+Self life: 6 months

+Well made in Taiwan

+Multiple leak proof design to minimize the risk of juice leakage

Cross mark on the waferEasier for outdoor or large conference to prepare communion

On the bottom printed verses and expired date

On th bottom of cup, verses can be printed based on customization request such like Chinese version, Korean version and so on. 




After usage seal and cup can be separated thoroughly which allow the recycling process  more completely


Unique octagon shape design, easier to hold tightly

Cup: made of safe PP material with recycling triangle mark




 Can fit and load on traditional standard communion trays